Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to make a diaper cake

Hello Bloggers! I have greatly missed you or at least my readers missed you. After a lot of wonderful text messages, face-book messages, and photo comments I have decided to blog about making a diaper cake. Well here you go people.

Ingredients for a diaper cake:

60 Diapers-Size 1
Ribbion-1 1/2 inch- your color/design of choice.
60 small clear rubber bands
6-12 large rubber bands
One 4 oz bottle
One large bottle of baby lotion or 8 oz Bottle.
1 cardbord or plastic cake platter
Baby Items -baby socks, confetti, toys, bibs, onesies etc.

Bottom Tier- Roll about 35 diapers starting at the top of the diaper (where it opens) and continue to the end. Don't forget to secure the rolled diapers with the small rubber bands. Place the first 5-6 diapers around the lotion bottle and hold them together with 1 large rubber band. Continue 2 more times around the lotion bottle, all together the bottom tier should have 3 rings of diapers. Your first tier should look similar to this:

Middle Tier- Continue to roll diapers and stack on top of the first tier. This time we will only have 2 rings instead of three like the bottom tier. Use large rubber bands to attach diapers to the lotion bottle.

Top Tier- For the final tier use the 4-oz baby bottle as the base and attach diapers around it. You will only make one ring around the bottle this time. Your diaper cake should look similar to this by now.

You can now use the ribbon to wrap around the cake covering the brown rubber bands. Don't forget to decorate to your liking. Add all kinds of fun baby toys, onesies, pacifiers even small blankets. Personalize the cake to your parent's to be theme. This is a great idea for baby showers, and don't worry mommies, all diapers are useable. 

Here are the two cakes I made recently for two great friends! 

Need a Diaper cake? Just contact me.  

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  1. Keisha, You did an amazing job on our diaper cake! It was very impressive... people were asking who made it :) Thank you so much. It means so much to know you spent the time making it and bringing it to the hospital! You'll have to come by the house sometime since it's right around the corner from you :) Love you!