Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Thankful Thirty: Day 7-24.

I do indeed apologize for my blog post neglect. I have not had an ounce of time to sit, think and write. Today, I will give you know my Thankful Thirty for days 7-24. Just so you know, i've had a running list of what I was thankful for during those days, I just never had time to sit and fully think them out. Enjoy!

  • Day 7-11/07/10- I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve a God freely. 

  • Day 8-11/08/10-Today I am thankful for dinner and a movie with a great friend. I love catching up. 

  • Day 9-11/08/10- Today I am thankful for the prayer Bible study I'm apart of. The book we are using is; Becoming a Women of Prayer. I'll suggest this book to any woman feeling stumped in their prayer life. 

  • Day 10-11/10/10-Today I am thankful for my "after church lets hangout at chickfla or star bucks group". There is never a dull moment. 

  • Day 11-11/11/10- SO THANKFUL for Meagan and Daleena. All the laughters, prayers for each other, and the bond. L-word!!! 

  • Day 12-11/12/10- Today I am thankful for my warm apartment. 

  • Day 13-11/13/10- Today I'm thankful for tissues, medicine, and my bed. Sick day! 

  • Day 14-11/14/10- After spending the weekend in the apartment being sick. I am defiantly thankful for FRESH AIR! 

  • Day 15-11/15/10-Today I am thankful for my Gram. Even though she tells me things I DO NOT want to hear, she's faithful, sweet, and caring. 

  • Day 16 & 17- 11/16-11/17- I am thankful for a two day legal training that I should have learned in CORE training. Nevertheless, I learned valuable information that will hopefully precent me from making mistakes, and being fired. :) 

  • Day 18-11/18/10- I am thankful for my co-workers. You know which ones. 

  • Day 19-11/19/10- Today I am thankful for Harry Potter 7 Pt. 1. Even though my bed time is at 10:00pm, I'll take one for the team and it was worth it! 

  • Day 20-11/20/10- Today I am thankful for my job. Even if I have to work on a Saturday.

  • Day 21-11/21/10-Thankful once more for a truthful and wonderful worship service at MRCC. 

  • Day 22-11/22/10- Today I am thankful for random movie nights with Daleena. 

  • Day 23- 11/23/10- Today I am thankful for a short day of work and a safe drive to Tennessee.

  • Day 24-11/24/10- Today I am thankful for a chilly day in Memphis. 
There you have it bloggers. Hopefully I'll update more this week. 

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