Thursday, August 19, 2010

Songs I'm diggin' and why.

Before I began at OC I had never been much of a Christian music listener. Even throughout my time at OC Christian music had never been my first choice for musical entertainment. Lately I have challenged myself to become more open to positive music verses secular music, since then I have found myself becoming encouraged and positive throughout the day just by listening to stations such as K-LOVE and AIR-1. Both stations are in the business of encouraging one through songs of faith and praise. Listed below are a few songs that have been of great encouragement while I have challenged myself.

1. Lead Me by Sanctus Real-“Lead me with strong hands; Stand up when I can’t.

2. Hold Us Together by Matt Maher- "Love will hold us together;Make us shelter to weather the storm."

3. Undone by FFH- "You're still by my side when all the things I've done have left you bleeding."

4. My help comes from the Lord by The Museum- "Out of darkness I lift my eyes. Unto the hills I feel my faith rise."

5. To Know You by Casting Crown- "To know you is to feel the pain of the broken hearted."

What are your favorite encouraging songs of faith and praise? Please share and enjoy. 

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  1. I use to listen to K-Love more but now I am more of an Air 1 listener. I love Sean and Mandy's morning show. Anyway, those are good ones but I also really like "More Like Falling in Love" by Jason Gray. I am sure there are others but that is the one that sticks out to me right now.